Can't install synth

Hello there,
I’m trying to learn some basic wave projects but unfortunately I can’t install synth file (required for Dashboard) because I get this error: Failed building wheel for synth.
I guess the problem is with Visual Studio but I don’t get it, do you have any idea?
I’m working on Windows 10 and Python 3.9 (64bit).
Thank you in advance,

Hi Andrea,

You could start by following the wave documentation[1] which has all the necessary instructions to gets you started with the wave. If you need to try out the examples tour in Windows you probably need to replace the current examples/ with this file until the next wave release.

The dashboard is all a part of the examples. You can explore the dashboard example as well.
Also, could you share the steps that you tried out which cause this issue? It’ll help to narrow down the root cause of your problem and share a solution.