On and handle_on

I i’ve created a new app and when i was reducing the bolierplate to use the on and handle on it gives me the following error:

File “.\UTopIA20.py”, line 3, in
from h2o_wave import main, app, Q, ui, on, handle_on
ImportError: cannot import name ‘on’ from ‘h2o_wave’ (C:\Users\rmdom\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python39\lib\site-packages\h2o_wave_init_.py)

Hi @rmfjd78,
Those routing functions were introduced in Wave 0.12.0 and above. https://h2oai.github.io/wave/blog/release-0.12.1

You can use the latest wave release 0.13.0 here: Releases · h2oai/wave · GitHub and make sure both the server and the app requirements.txt are using the latest version.

Thank you for the answer