Windows: Tour Preview loads only Hello_World

If we try any other example - the preview always loads (possibly fallback) to display
Same in /demo.

Note: I overcame the window demo (notImplemented) error by manually replacing this file

Hi @jacob_aloysious. With the updated that you pointed to, the tour should be working fine on Windows. What do you see when you navigate to http://localhost:10101/demo ? It should show the example selected in a full window.

Can you try stopping the tour and starting it again to see if you see the same behavior?

http://localhost:10101/demo shows the same “Hello World” example i.e same content as Preview. Restarting the server (tour) doesn’t seem to make a difference.

hi @jacob_aloysious. It looks like the issue is related to an incorrect Please use the one from this link to fix the issue you were seeing: wave/ at master · h2oai/wave · GitHub